Westmoreland County

(Species category code is listed above each rehabilitator's profile)

M = Mammals
P = Passerines (songbirds, water fowl & woodpeckers)
R = Raptors (hawks, owls, falcons, eagles and vultures) 
RVS = Rabies Vector Species (raccoons, skunks, bats, groundhogs, coyotes & foxes)
END = Endangered/Threatened Species
RA = Native Reptiles and Amphibians

M, P, R, END, RA

Beth Shoaf

Wildlife Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 113
836 Chestnut Street
Youngwood, PA 15697

724-925-6862 - phone & fax




Pamela Paulisick

Fawn Meadow Farm, A Wildlife Shelter
6192 Kemerer Hollow Road,
Export, PA 15632


fawnmdw @ comcast.net

Not currently accepting Fawns and Raccoons