2019 Poster Session


Posters must be useful to a broad audience, conveying a single idea relevant to rehabilitating wildlife, operating a wildlife center, wildlife capture and transport, or using wildlife in education.

Posters must measure 36” x 48” with horizontal (landscape) orientation.

A title and the author’s name and affiliation, if any, must appear at top.

Poster authors must attend at least one full day of the conference and be available for discussion during that day’s poster session.

Posters must remain in place throughout the weekend. Council members can assist in getting posters to and from the conference.

Poster text should be readable from at least 5’ away. Minimum of 18-point font is recommended.

Sources of information belonging to anyone other than the poster author must be cited.

Presenter is responsible for supplying an easel for display.


Keep it simple! Don’t try to convey too much information.

Use clear, simple visuals such as pictures, tables and graphs.

Limit your text to about one quarter of the poster space.

Leave some white space to give your viewer’s eye a rest.

Use color to enhance your viewer’s comprehension, not to decorate the poster.

A good poster doesn’t just dictate information—it generates discussion and feedback. Don’t be afraid to share your mistakes or to point out uncertainties.

For more tips and information, Click Here.

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