Virtually Wild – 2021 PA Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference

Twentieth-Seventh Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Symposium

March 12th – 14th, 2021


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Sue DeArment

Len Donato, DVM

Jesse Evans

Emily Garrigan

Robyn Graboski

Peggy Hentz

Carol Holmgren

Jennifer Marchigiani

Erica Miller, DVM

Lynn Oliver

Karen Poh

Nicki Rosenhagen, DVM

Sarah Sirica

Leah Stallings

Katherine Uhler+

Tracie Young


Recorded Sessions

Albinism in Humans and Wildlife: Myths vs. Truths

Baby Bird Identification

Becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator: The Process

Canids in Care

Capture Myopathy


Emaciation and Diarrhea

First Aid in the Field

Groundhogs, Woodchucks and Whistlepigs

Hard to Handle: Porcupine Rehabilitation

Medical Math for the Wildlife Rehabilitator

Micro Rehab: Delving Into Bat Rehabilitation

Photography Tips and Tricks for Rehabilitators

Physiology of Stress

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease: What You Need to Know

Raccoon Rehabilitation: Dangerously Cute

Raising Your Own Rodents: It Can Be Done!

So You Want to be a Wildlife Rehabilitator?

Tick Talk: Ticks, Disease, and Prevention

Tips and Tricks for Rehabilitators

Traumatic Brain Injury

We Are All Just “Human”

Welfare of Ambassador Raptors: Selection and Initial Training

Wild Avian Diseases

Wildlife Capture and Transport

Live Sessions

Introduction to the “Wildlife Futures” Program

Defining the cause, impacts, and management of mange in Pennsylvania black bears

Avian Orthopedics

Endoscopic Tour of Birds

Ask the Vet

When Old Meets New

PLUS Bingo and Trivia Nights

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